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02 January 2010 @ 01:52 am
Characters: America & Russia
Fandom: Hetalia
Timeline: UM... I'm assuming a few days before the war ends. :T
Warnings: SO MUCH AAAANGST, SO MUCH. Also, short tags and this stemmed from this weird rp we did over texting in which I'll explain in the side notes, lolkay. We also didn't change our names for this.

n i k i  less:-ties up muse in the closet with russia-
t o r i   pap:......
n i k i  less:Hello America~ Vodka? We also have cookies I stole from Niki, they're christmas colors.
 t o r i   pap:That's communist vodka. 8|
n i k i  less:No it's smirnoff from an american fridge.
t o r i   pap:You don't like me anyways, so why would you want to share cookies and vodka with me?
n i k i  less:Because you're in a 15 year old girl's closet, tied up and locked in here.  It's the least I could do.
t o r i   pap:FINE. I want a cookie.
n i k i  less:They're good. -gives a cookie-
t o r i   pap:I can't eat, I'm tied up. 8|
n i k i  less:...-breaks it off and feeds it to him- Better?
t o r i   pap:-glares.- No. -eat anyways because omnomnom delicious cookie is delicious.- ...this is good.
n i k i  less:I told you. -smiles, grabs a coke- This is the only one they had left, so here.  You can have it.
 t o r i   pap:-looks at coke and blinks.- I don't wanna drink it if it's the only one left. and I can't drink anyways, I'm tied up. 8|
n i k i  less:...if I untie you, you'll leave.  Besides, Niki hates coke.
t o r i   pap:You don't want me here anyways.
 n i k i  less:...I do, alright? -stares- I'm sorry. -nods- 
t o r i   pap:.......That's not going to fix everything...
n i k i  less:...-laughs- Yeah, yeah I know. I know. -looks up- I'll untie you.
t o r i   pap:Alright..
n i k i  less:-starts to untie him, starting from his wrists- Here, drink something while I untie the rest of you.  You look...weak. -nods-
t o r i   pap:Thanks... I'm not weak. Just tired. -nods and drinks coke happily- ~
n i k i  less:I didn't mean it like that, I'm...I'm just worried about you. -unties the rest of him and gets off the duct tape- -stares and nods- ...I'm sorry. -nods again, smiling- Goodbye America, you can take whatever food you want, it's alot of junk--what you like and all.
t o r i   pap:....-looks up at.- ...Where are you going...?
 n i k i  less:...no where. I'm letting you go as you please. Isn't that what you want? 
t o r i   pap:.......Maybe?
 n i k i  less:...there's nothing and nobody down there to hurt you and tie you back up, I'm not going to shoot you when you leave, I'm not going to run after you, no.  All of that?  Doing that hurts too much, this hurts too but at least you're happy.
 t o r i   pap:-sighs.- You should be happy, too. -raises brows.-
n i k i  less:...I'm happy with you. -nods- I'm happy with you, and I can't have that.
t o r i   pap:.......-smiles sadly.- ...I'm sorry.... I wish I could give that to you....
n i k i  less:-shakes head- No you don't.
t o r i   pap:-stares.- I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.
n i k i  less:...-stares back- Don't mean it then, for my sake. It hurts. -smiles, sinking further and further into the floor-
t o r i   pap:-gives a soft, sad smile.- I'm sorry, then. But I'll always mean it. And I guess we'll always have to live with the hurt until one of us gets over it or...
n i k i  less:Or...? -looks up at him, hopeful, of course he's hopeful-
t o r i   pap:-looks down at.- we'll get back together... when we're ready, when it's time... But now isn't the time...
n i k i  less:-nods, but doesn't say anything, just nods and smiles-
 t o r i   pap: Alright. -leans down and kisses very, very gently.- Goodbye then, Ivan.
 n i k i  less:-grabs his wrist and smiles weakly- I missed you. -lets go and turns away from him-
t o r i   pap:I've missed you too. -he kinda laughs as he says it.- And I'll be missing you, too. -smiles softly and walks off.-
n i k i  less:-eyes water and he keeps himself turned away, and lies his head down against his jacket, smiling weakly and whispering- ...But I love you, come back... -but he STAYS there and does NOTHING-


*So, what happened was... |D; Russia was being all childish and told America he hated him and America, hurt and also very stupid and childish, told Russia he hated him to. Sooo, Russia felt bad and is trying to make amends AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS. HAHA..