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17 November 2009 @ 12:19 pm
Characters: Road and Joshua
Fandoms: The World Ends With You and D.Gray-Man


we didn't change our names for this. C:

n i k i defy:yeah probably
unless it's in other ways then i'm thinking then sure
t o r i pap:He'd be spoiling me~<3
n i k i defy:Would I?
t o r i pap:I'll join only if he spoils me~
n i k i defy:What's the definition of spoils?
t o r i pap:Giving me attention. <3 And I like gifts, too~
n i k i defy:Now, define...attention and gifts. -smirks, grabbing her by her waist- I believe you know how this goes.
t o r i pap:-wraps arms around shoulders.- Gifts would be dresses and candy~ Attention would be... -trails off and smirks.-
n i k i defy:I think I've given you enough dresses and candy. -looks towards a halloween bag in the corner OMFG THAT IS ALOT OF FUCKING CANDY JESUS HOW DID YOU TWO TRICK OR TREAT- However...I'll give you attention if--well. -smirks, leaning towards her- If you let me have some attention too.
t o r i pap:Hm~ -leans closer, lips brushing against his as she says.- So greedy~ What kind of attention do you deserve~? -smirks.-
n i k i defy:-he pratically has her sitting in his lap now, seriously, but he kisses her lightly- Oh...the usual--wait. I am being particulary greedy today... -slips his hands right on her hips, smirking- Just a bit more then usual, hm?
t o r i pap:-leans in, chest pressing against his as she sighs.- Oh Joshua~ What am I going to do with you? -lips brush over neck and she giggles.- More than usual? And what is that, exactly~?
n i k i defy:-he just kisses her. hard. before pulling away, staring at her for a brief five seconds--with some actual emotion MAYBE--then smirks- I think you know.
t o r i pap:-leans into the kiss, fingers threading through his hair and gripping it tightly, as if she wanted it. She smirks when he pulls away, eyes half lidded.- Do I~? Why don't you show me~? -her fingers trail down his neck to his chest, toying with one of the buttons on his shirt idly, as if she's going to undo it before she moves her hands back to settle on his shoulders.-
n i k i defy:I'd be happy too... -his fingers trace over the curves of her body, lightly, barely touching her skin and he smirks- You're being difficult again. -chuckles a bit before kissing her again, moving down towards her neck- You're always difficult.
t o r i pap:Am I~? -there's a soft, teasing tone to her voice as she lets her fingers twist into his hair again.- You wouldn't have any fun if I was so easy~
n i k i defy:You are. -bites her neck, softly--playfully before pulling himself away- But I suppose I wouldn't~
t o r i pap:-she gives a quick, teasing kiss.- Say please and maybe I won't be so difficult.
n i k i defy:Please sounds too easy. -smirks and kisses her again quickly- What's the catch?
t o r i pap:The catch was "maybe I won't be so difficult"~ -giggles as she bites at his neck gently, fingers trailing up underneath his shirt and scratching at his skin lightly.-
n i k i defy:-he chuckles again, slipping one hand underneath her skirt and another barely under her skirt--his hand touching the skin of her hip bone and kisses her once more before whispering in her ear- Please?
t o r i pap:-she smirks into his neck before sighing.- Oh, I suppose~ If it's what you really want. -she lifts her face back to his and gives him a rough greedy kiss, fingers unbuttoning his shirt slowly and teasingly.-
-later on lmfao after two hours of talking between niki and me-
(4:36 AM) n i k i defy: I feel ignored.
(4:37 AM) t o r i pap:I'm not ignoring you~ -wraps arms around him again and kisses lightly.-
(4:39 AM) n i k i defy:I doubt you could ever ignore me. -goes back to his hard deep kissing from earlier, he's been holding this in for awhile-
t o r i pap:Only for a little bit~ -leans into the kisses, hands slipping into his hair and gripping it tightly.-
n i k i defy:Oh? You couldn't resist either... -he's smiling, pulling her hips against his and bites into the kisses now, he's greedy today-
t o r i pap:You do make it hard~ -she presses herself against him teasingly, nails digging into his scalp as she bites at his lower lip.- But I never said I was trying to resist. -smirks and moves her lips to his collar bone which she nibbles on lightly.-
n i k i defy:You're flattering me on purpose... -his fingers make their way under her shirt again, lightly tracing those soft curves of hers and then smirks at the pain; not making a single sound- You want this just as much as I do.
t o r i pap:Maybe~ -she gives soft teasing kisses, one two three, before she finishes unbuttoning his shirt and pushing it off his shoulders. she was getting hasty.- Or maybe I'm just bored. -she smirks.-
n i k i defy:-he helps her out with that, shrugging his shirt off her shoulders while letting his fingers glide down to her hips; caressing them as he brings her up to his lap, kissing her deeply but quickly- You can't be bored with me around, I keep you entertained.
t o r i pap:-she straddles him when he pulls her into his lap, leaning against him and letting her nails trail down his back lightly.- Is that so~? Then... -her lips hover over his as she whispers, another smirk tugging at her lips.- entertain me.
n i k i defy:-he grins at that especially when he feels her nails against his back, moving away from her lips, not even kissing her; hair aleady falling down messily over his eyes- Gladly. -he backs into a wall hard, kissing her almost just as harshly before slipping off her skirt in the process-
t o r i pap:-a small breath escapes her lips when he drives her back against the wall, nails digging into his skin as she met his kiss with one equally as harsh. She pulled him closer, legs wrapping around his waist after he tugged off her skirt, tongue sweeping over his bottom lip before breaking away and letting her lips trail down to his neck, the familiar taste of blood coating her lips when she bites into his skin.-
n i k i defy:-he lets out a deep breath, knowing she heard that (which only made him smirk more) and begins to nibble at her ear lightly before letting his hand make his way up her shirt, getting a firm grip on her breasts before chuckling right in her ear- Is this your definition of entertainment? -his hands move out from under her shirt and he bites into her collar bone (he hoped that was her blood and not his), before preceeding to pull her down onto the floor by her hair (the wall was getting boring)-
t o r i pap:-she could feel her body responding to his touch, she was wriggling closer to him when he cupped her breast.- Yes~ -she answers his question, smirking, voice a bit breathy.- And you like it. -she winces as she's pulled to the floor by her hair and even gives a small noise, but she doesn't skip a beat. She's shoving him back against the floor, unbuttoning his pants and pulling them off easily, fingers dancing along the waist band of his boxers as she kisses at his hip bones mockingly.-
n i k i defy:Well we tend to be entertained by the same things~ -he lets out one small breath as she pulled off his pants, so close, he smirked and slipped her shirt off easily; resting his hands on her hips, pulling her closer against him and kissing her all over; from her ear lobe to her breasts, a finger tracing the waist band of her panties the whole time-
t o r i pap:-she cups his face gently and pulls him back toward her, her lips catching his in a deep kiss once more. She wraps her one arm around his shoulders, her other hand tracing down his stomach to his hips, which she scratched at idly for a few moments before she slipped down further and traced over the ~bulge~ in his pretty boxers teasingly.-
n i k i defy:-he grins into the deep kiss as she does that, biting her lips lightly before pulling away- Amusing yourself Road? -he chuckles, turning her over to the bottom of the floor, resting his hands on her hips as he went back to leaving his mark on everywhere he possibly could; nibbling at her breasts, tracing her stomach and digging his fingers into her hips, his lips moving further up (and the further up he got, the harder the bites were, the more she bled)-
t o r i pap:-her nails dig into his shoulders as he kisses her, as he bites her, and she let's out a small moan at the last bite before she squirms out from underneath him. Her fingers thread through his hair and she pulls him up into a sitting positiong, fingers digging into his scalp. She flashes a sweet, angelic smile.- You seem to be having a good time~ -and then she pushes him against the wall, hands resting on his shoulders for a moment as she kisses her way down to his hips, giving a harsh bite each time she did before her nails dragged down his chest, his stomach. And then she's tugging of his boxers, tired of waiting but not bothering with her own panties.-
n i k i defy:-he smiles and gives her one quick kiss on the lips, hands on the clip of her bra-Oh. I am. -he blinks, biting his lip as he holds her bra clip on her back, digging his own hands into the small of her back, finally letting out one small moan right before she tugs off his boxers- Why bother with those if you're not even going to take off your panties? -he smirks, brushing the hair out of his face before his fingers make their way down her hips, dancing over her hip bones before slipping off her panties, slow and almost teasingly- Now, isn't that better~?
t o r i pap:-she looks up at him, chin resting on his chest as she helps kick off her panties.- Because I can't do all the work~ -she reaches up and kisses him gently, tenderly for just a moment before she leans against him, hips hovering just over his.- And that wouldn't be fun at all~